Monday, March 22, 2021

Brig Burton and Carly Burton, again

I have good news, or at least not bad news, I guess.

I sold my business to Brig Burton in 2010.  He ended up defrauding me in that transaction.  I had to sue him.

I previously mentioned the Burtons here.

The key part:

I had to sue him in civil court in order to get fully paid for the business.  The judgments I was granted against him included fraud and conversion.  He appealed the rulings, and the appeals court upheld them, including the punitive damages that were assessed.  The appeals court confirmed that "based on the record in this case, the jury could have found by clear and convincing evidence that Burton’s conduct was aggravated and outrageous, evincing an evil mind. Therefore, we decline to set aside the punitive damages awards."

Anyway, I thought I was through with them, but the Burtons sued me after I posted that post.  We were able to make them to post a bond, so that when the judge dismissed the case (which she eventually did), the Burtons would have collectible funds to use to pay my legal expenses.  Which the judge also ruled they had to do.

Brig seems busy lately. For example:



Here:  Brig Burton – Business Growth Leader Worldwide (


  1. I spent a few decades in the business bush leagues. I probably should have kept a dairy. Would have made the foundations of a great business book. I do not know what they teach in b-school, but I am sure not what I saw.


    Who ever thought COVID-19 would make housing even more expensive?

    1. I'll bet!

      Yeah, Covid has added some interesting wrinkles. I hope we can maintain some public support for continued building.

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