Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Brigham Burton and Carly Burton have been arrested.

I used to have a little signage subcontracting business which I sold in 2010.  I sold it to a fellow named Brigham Burton (formerly Kent Burton.  He also has used many LLCs, such as Burton Partners, Rockline Equity, Greenwood Equity, Funding Now, Drive Executives, Eleava Services, and others).

I had to sue him in civil court in order to get fully paid for the business.  The judgments I was granted against him included fraud and conversion.  He appealed the rulings, and the appeals court upheld them, including the punitive damages that were assessed.  The appeals court confirmed that "based on the record in this case, the jury could have found by clear and convincing evidence that Burton’s conduct was aggravated and outrageous, evincing an evil mind. Therefore, we decline to set aside the punitive damages awards."

The criminal justice system has taken notice of the Burtons now.  They were just arrested.  I'm not entirely sure of the details, but I think some of these charges relate to what they did to me.  Really, all I know is that the state has me registered as a victim who is notified when something happens in the case, like the Burtons being arrested.

Here are their mugshots.



  1. Seem like nice guys, from their photos.

    I was a business-financial reporter to 30 years (still am, part-time) and ran a business for 20 years in furniture making.

    I think my advice is to never sell anything except for cash-on-the-barrel (or equivalent).

    The other advice is, if you think a handshake is not good enough, then don't do a deal. No amount of paperwork and legal obligations can compensate for honesty and integrity.

    Of course, my advice is based on similar experiences, and experience is what you get after you need it.....

    best of luck, KE...

    1. Hear, hear.

      Fortunately, the civil case seems to be resolved, though our system is so bloated and expensive that, by the time you get a judgment and try to collect, the best you can really hope for on a case like this is to pay your attorneys fees and the cost of collecting and be done with it.

  2. There is actually a business model alive and well in Los Angeles. It goes like this: buy a business with a down payment. 1. Then, strip out all the assets you can and sell them and then run away, or declare bankruptcy etc., and 2) then also allege the assets were misrepresented at time of sale

    Someday perhaps I will write a book entitled "Life in the Business Bush Leagues."

  3. https://blog.jpmorganinstitutional.com/2019/05/why-is-inflation-so-low/

    They run the Erdmann graph. Basically, inflation is dead except for housing costs. See graph 4.

  4. Fortunately that little sign business survived Burton after some fraudulent activity. The lessons learned will never overcome the sleazy feeling of being played...

  5. https://nationaldiversified.com/?page_id=1794

  6. Here is Brig.


  7. This piece of shit tried to defraud me and an acquisition I was trying to make claiming that since I had spoken to him about it, he was entitled to 10% of the earnings and profits once it was sold. I just went dark on him and never reached back out. He used to run a weekly call trying under the guise of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. Gordon Bazaar was/is his mentor. He’s a total creep. Is he still in jail?