Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FEECon 2019

I will be at FEEcon 2019 in Atlanta on June 14 for a panel on housing markets.

Looks like lots of fun and interesting things are happening there.

Here's a link:

And here is more about FEE:

If you will be there, be sure and say hello.  And, if you will be in the Atlanta area, check it out.


  1. Uh, what is FEE? They've got some weird anti-vax stuff on their website. Not something I would want to ally with.

    1. Should I also set up a survey with Amazon and make buyers fill it out before they can buy a copy of "Shut Out", refusing to sell them a copy if any answers fall outside my Overton Window?

    2. I'm not sure I understand how that metaphor relates. In case my question was taken as argumentative, I'll rephrase.

      FEE stands for "Foundation for Economic Education." The anti-vaccine viewpoint seems like a difficult fit for their mission - it fits (I guess) as a type of 'personal liberty' but only through the narrow lens that ignores the 'personal liberty' of other individuals to avoid mass outbreaks of preventable disease.

      It seems like the subject should be outside of FEE's overton window, well before I had to consider whether it was in or out of yours. I'd be similarly weirded out if a random chapter in your book was anti-vaccine (I checked the copy on my desk, didn't see anything).

      If aligning with FEE work for you, that's fine - but I don't think it should be surprising that people point out that they have some really fringe beliefs that don't track well as 'economics education' and want to know your thoughts.

      Anyways, I enjoyed the book.