Thursday, August 10, 2017

Question for readers about money management

I have a question for IW readers.

I have successfully managed investment portfolios privately for about 17 years.  Currently, I am making arrangements to manage investments for clients based, in part, on the ideas I have been developing on the blog.  How many of you would be interested in this service?

We are entering a dicey period in the business cycle where careful asset allocation can make a big difference.  IW readers should have a sense of the strategies that I would deploy in these portfolios and the breadth of the conceptual approach I am taking.  This combination of ideas that I have developed can provide significant defensive and speculative potential as well as some long term sources of solid returns. 

This is an interest survey for the new venture.  If you would have any interest in allocating assets to a portfolio managed with the sort of analysis you have seen here, or if you know of a group of friends or acquaintances who would be interested in a presentation about being an initial investor, please e-mail me at .

Many readers have conveyed to me the value they see in this analysis.  I would really like to hear from you if you think you or someone you know would like to utilize this work in the allocation of your own funds.


  1. My money locked up in land, sorry to say.

    BTW, the latest CPI reading still shows housing driving inflation


    In some ways, one of the most flabbergasting speeches in Fed history….

    1. Just think if we had averaged just 1% higher inflation since the crisis. Working class homeowners would have recovered 10% more in home equity.

  3. Oh, don't get me started. The lost output, profits and wages from an effective policy of targeting 1.5% inflation on the PCE…

    Marcus Nunes posits the economy never recovered from the 2008 Great Recession, that we are well below potential and previous trend lines….I think he is right.

    And for all that, I wonder even if the US economy ran red-hot whether we would hit 2.5% inflation on the PCE….

    Now Bullard delivers this speech…simply dumbfounding.