Saturday, July 30, 2016

Reverse the premise

General rule:  Find what everyone is arguing about.  Figure out the premise.  Believe the opposite of the premise.

Villains are more useful when they are pretend villains because pretend villains never change.

The same is true for premises of political arguments.  It is difficult and dangerous to defend the moral virtues of your tribe on premises that may change.  Political partisans arguing with one another will all be drawn to false premises.


  1. The fact that many people of my generation went from middle-class to billionaire status…just makes me feel like even more of a loser.

    Go ahead, rub it in my face.

    1. Lol, Benjamin. I will rub it in your face. The real money, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers is either hidden offshore or in trusts. And believe me, the elder Rothschild back in the 1700's maybe, was worth about 300 to 600 billion dollars then. We are talking about trillionaire families. It is absurd that Slim or Buffet or Zuckerberg or any of these Johnny come lately billionaires even approaches the wealth of the bankers who financed world wars, communism, fascism, and who were already in today,s dollars trillionaires many times over.

      And even Augustus Caezar was worth over a trillion dollars. Does that help any, Benjamin? :)

    2. Great point Ben. Even the premise of the premise is questionable. Even the premise my rejection of the premise is based on.

  2. Kevin, there is some kind of mistake that needs to be corrected by Talkmarkets for my url's to work. They work everywhere else. If you search for Gary Anderson and go to the contributor tag, my name comes up, and the first two articles, the latest articles, deal with bond demand from the time of Salomon Brothers. Hoarding is all that matters, then and going forward. So negative, here we come. Too bad, really.

    So, Ben, most people who become billionaires have some kind of help or are in finance, often times dubious finance. There are a few techies thrown in like Zuckerberg, but I can't see them as being the majority of new billionaires. So don't feel so bad.